What Are Social Media Mentions & Which Tools Are Best?

April 19, 2023

Have you ever wondered what happens when a lot of people mention a brand or reference a specific topic? Well, these mentions are used by companies to help them understand public sentiment and marketing effectiveness and make data-driven decisions from these mentions. 

You get tools that collect and aggregate these mentions into a simple and easy-to-use dashboard. However, sometimes these tools can provide inaccurate data and can damage your reputation more than improve it. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best social media monitoring tools currently available and the benefits of using such a tool. Enjoy the read!

What Are Social Media Mentions?

A social media mention is when people on social media platforms mention or discuss specific brands, topics, or even individuals. Think of it as the trending topic in your feed. Companies use these mentions to optimize their marketing strategy to ensure maximum engagement and boost public sentiment and reputation.

Benefits Of Social Media Mentions

1) Monitor Social Proof

By tracking social media mentions, companies can gain helpful insights into a brand or individual's credibility and popularity. Companies can use these insights social media finder tools to decide how they want their brand online should be perceived. Then they adjust their social media strategy to impact customers' perceptions and decisions of the company.

2) Ensure Quality of Customer Service

Reputation is your most valuable asset. And by tracking social mentions, you can ensure that your company can handle any concerns that can damage its reputation before it gets out of hand.

For instance, if someone has a problem with your product and goes to social media to complain, monitoring tools for social media can damage your brand if it goes viral - by using a social media monitoring tool, you address this situation promptly.

3) Learn Your Audience

Mentions can also help you identify your audience's preferences and what posts resonate better with them. You can use this data to optimize your marketing strategy to increase engagement and attract more potential customers.

4) Shows Your Audience That You Care

Engaging with social mentions shows your customer base that you care and customer relationships are important to you. This builds trust and increases your brand's reputation and social media presence.

Best Tools To Track Social Media Mentions

image of social media mentions

1) eclincher

Accurate, reliable, and useful are the three things I associate eclincher with. This tool is so good at tracking mentions on all my social media accounts that I initially thought it duplicated results because it caught mentions other tools couldn't - to my pleasant surprise, it was all real. It is also the premier management tool for social media today!

The tool has a suite of tools for you to use, including powerful real-time analytics into every social mention on all social media channels - helping you stay on top of any potential negative social mentions.

Additionally, its insights into your previous marketing campaigns and how to adjust them to boost engagement are truly next level. Finally, you also get some amazing automation features - streamlining your content curation, scheduling, and publishing.

With eclincher in your social media marketing arsenal, you can rest assured that your online presence will only grow.

2) Sendible

Sendible also has a plethora of tools and features you can employ to track and analyze social and brand mentions. Like eclincher, Sendible is also a scheduling tool for social media that supports multiple social networks and integration with a vast set of apps and tools.

Additionally, with its unified inbox, managing all your social mentions has never been easier. Overall, Sendible's analytics tools can help your business evaluate and adjust its digital marketing effectiveness accordingly.

3) Social Searcher

If you are looking for free social media monitoring tools, then Social Searcher should be your first option. As a free monitoring tool, it has a lot of features to track online mentions on numerous platforms and construct social media analytics for your company.

You can also make use of its filtering options to refine user-generated content to find exactly what you are looking for, such as domain-specific conversations and content.

What I really enjoy about this tool is that it sends you notifications whenever it detects new mentions - ensuring you never miss any opportunity to engage with your audience. You can also use its sentiment analysis to identify what social media users think of your brand and help you make data-driven decisions.

4) Talkwalker Analytics

This comprehensive tool helps you track mentions and conversations across most major social media platforms. But unlike the other tools on this list, Talkwalker specializes in social media monitoring and mentions, and its real-time monitoring helps you and your marketing team stay updated on trends and public sentiment.

You can also track your competitors and adjust your marketing strategy to stay ahead of them. Additionally, you can employ the AI-powered sentiment analysis tool to obtain a detailed insight into your brand's online presence.

5) Hootsuite

Like eclincher, Hootsuite is also a very versatile social media marketing tool. With the help of its extensive features, you can track and monitor brand mentions effectively. You can also schedule and publish social media posts directly from the platform.

Additionally, discover what the general public thinks of your brand with Hootsuite's smart sentiment analysis - enabling you to create marketing campaigns to address any sentiment issues you might incur.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are examples of media mentions?

Common examples of media mentions include shares, tagged posts, comments, retweets, or mentions of your brand on a topic.

How do you count social media mentions?

By using a social media monitoring tool like eclincher and Sendible. These tools track and aggregate any mention related to your brand or your specific keyword criteria.

Why are mentions important in social media?

Mentions help you determine public sentiment and how the general public perceives your brand. Additionally, it helps you stay ahead of any potential problems and helps foster engagement through improved customer service and optimized marketing strategies.

How can I track my social media mentions for free?

You can use tools like Social Searcher or Google Alerts to monitor mentions for free.

The Bottom Line

By utilizing social media mentions, you can gain a better understanding of public sentiment and your online reputation. You can also optimize your marketing campaigns to increase engagement and effectiveness. However, finding a reliable and effective tool can be daunting. Therefore, we recommend you try out eclincher. Not only will you have a more hands-on approach to brand reputation management. But you can take your social media marketing to the next level through its intuitive tools. Reach out to us today, and see how your brand's digital presence transforms for the better.

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