Our story

Gilad Salamander and Tal Mikaelovich were friends who worked at different companies. In 2011, Gilad was an Engineering Project Manager at Ultratech Inc., while Tal served as a Senior Director at Precise Software Solutions. Often meeting together with their families, they brainstormed ideas for a new business venture. Their groundbreaking idea for eclincher was conceived in a Sunnyvale, California, city park as they watched their children play together. They envisioned a tool to help marketers and brands monitor website performance, ensuring fast loading times and functional site elements to boost online engagement and conversions.

In April 2012, they founded eclincher. Their innovative concept was to "record" any number of clicks or complete transactions on websites, measuring performance metrics like page load times and the functionality of page elements. Once recorded, the system would "play" the full transaction in the cloud and alert users about website failures or incomplete transactions. This was especially beneficial for large brands with thousands of site visitors. A slow or dysfunctional website could lead to visitor churn, causing significant loss in conversions.

The prototype was developed swiftly. However, when demonstrated, it did not excite clients, who highlighted various challenges, particularly the difficulties associated with social media. This included creating and publishing content to multiple social media accounts, increasing engagement, and measuring and analyzing efforts.This feedback was a pivotal moment. Realizing the greater need, they shifted their focus to developing a comprehensive social media management solution based on the feedback and suggestions from marketers.

In 2014, they launched the eclincher social media management solution and never looked back. They continued to engage with customers, gathering feedback and suggestions, which helped refine and perfect their product. The more they engaged with their customers to understand their needs and challenges, the more sophisticated their product became. This approach has become a core philosophy at eclincher.

What we do

eclincher is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that streamlines social media management, enhances online presence, and optimizes local SEO through advanced analytics, AI-driven content creation, and unified communication tools, ensuring maximum engagement and efficiency.

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Paul Smith
Founder & CEO
Ryan Jackson
Head of Business Operations
Brittany Rosen
VP, Finance and Strategy
Robert Henriks
Senior Developer
David Garcia
Founder & CEO
Maria Martinez
Head of Business Operations
Leslie Alexander
VP, Finance and Strategy
Jane Cooper
Senior Developer

The Begining

The eclincher journey commenced in 2012 when two visionary friends, Gilad Salamander and Tal Mikaelovich, united their expertise and passion to embark on a mission: designing the next evolution in social media management platforms. Driven by a shared commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions, they set out to redefine the landscape, ultimately shaping eclincher into a dynamic platform that continues to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of social media management.


At eclincher, our mission is to empower businesses and marketing agencies to master their online presence with unparalleled ease and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive suite of tools for social media and online brand management, enabling our users to streamline their operations, enhance engagement, and optimize their digital strategies.

We are global

Leveraging our extensive team knowledge and experience, eclincher delivers top-tier services, including cutting-edge publishing automation and full engagement via a unified omni-channel inbox. Eclincher was the first in the industry to offer 24/7 LIVE chat support and a range of exceptional, unique features. Our commitment to excellence ensures that clients experience unparalleled support and access to advanced tools, empowering them to navigate the complexities of social media management and marketing activities.

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