Social Inbox - What It Is and Why You Need It

February 28, 2024

In the past decade, the time people spend on digital media has increased dramatically. From research all around the world,  statistics show that an average adult spends up to 6 hours with digital media every day. As for social media, a considerable part of that time is captured by social networks.

Popular social networks all rank among the top most visited websites in the world. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers see social media as an opportunity to reach out to their current and potential customers. We live in a social-driven world, and if you’re not leveraging it to your advantage, you can’t compete and win.

While building your userbase is an exciting journey, the problem that we’re eager to address here is the chaos that comes along with a large audience. It’s the noise generated by all the voices that makes it difficult to effectively listening without a proper tool. Social inbox is there to help manage all your social conversations from one unified dashboard.

Be a Social Media Maven

Relationships are built with good communication and today’s social media is about turning that communication into an effective conversation. Before, there was only a one-way conversation. Companies used to publish radio or TV ads, while the audience just listened. Now, the communications are two-way and are direct.  Brands choose social channels where the majority of their audience spends most of their time, and seek out those who are interested in the subjects with which they can offer advice and help.

Interactive conversation on social media has these key 3 benefits:

  • Showing your brand personality
  • Helping you connect on a human level
  • Gaining valuable insight into your target audience

People want to talk and connect. They want to feel like you’re listening - really listening.  People are more likely to engage with a brand they feel they can talk with, rather than those that just broadcast the features of their products or services. You have conversations with your audience through your content, but also by engaging with them directly.

Engaging in the Right Conversations

Before you start talking, you first need to listen. To participate in or start a conversation, you should track conversations around specific keywords, topics, phrases, industries or brands. Then, leverage your insights to create content for those audiences or discover opportunities - this is social listening.

Tracking and monitoring your messaging are crucial to any effective engagement strategy, but you shouldn’t miss out on analyzing the context. There are more significant trends and frameworks around the conversations you track. With social listening, you can get insight that will show you how to speak in a contextually relevant way, and serve your audience better.

What is Social Inbox?

Social Inbox is a tool that lets you connect all of your social media inboxes into one, unified dashboard. It allows you to see and engage in all your social conversations, mentions, comments, and messages in one place. Instead of having to log in to each social account separately, you can conveniently serve all discussions in one feed or choose to focus on select networks with a filter option. Social inbox can be a real time saver for companies that need to monitor their brand online or offer support via social media channels. Today’s consumers expect an almost real-time response to their messages or complaints. This tool enables you to provide faster communication, which enhances your end-user engagement and happiness with your brand.

Why a Social Inbox is Essential


Your Social Inbox is hugely helpful in a few ways

  • A More Human Connection

Customers don’t like connecting with faceless, corporate brands that simply dominate the narrative. They want a dialogue. They want to speak and feel like they are being heard. They need a brand that responds to their needs and desires directly. With a social inbox, none of your conversations will get unnoticed or lost and lowers the risk of leaving your customers unattended. By engaging in conversation, you show you connect to your buyers. You listen, understand, and care about them on a human level.

  • Get Valuable Insight

On social media, people say what they feel. They share opinions about businesses, brands, products, and personalities. Engaging in conversations on social media can help you learn what your customers like or don’t like about your company. A social media management platform like eclincher can make things easy! They will also tell you about their frustrations, so you can take immediate action to remedy them - a social inbox enables you to use social media as a customer service platform.

  • Illuminate Your Brand Personality

Showing your brand personality is easier when you can engage in a two-way conversation. How you engage on social media has a significant impact on how your audience perceives your brand and you need to interact with them in a personal manner. You need to respond to mentions and comments with dialogue that’s not generic or scripted and so your social media inbox empowers genuine interactions.

  • Perfect Your Marketing Strategy

Through lively conversations with your customers, you’ll get insights that can help improve every aspect of your business. Your marketing department can get new ideas for content based on your customers’ interests. Your sales department can see what people like the most about your current offering. Your R&D team can find out what your audience thinks about you and the competitors’ products. You can engage potential prospects and generate leads. In the end, you can improve your overall customer experience.

  • Inform Your Product/Service Strategy

When you provide an interactive forum for customers to voice their opinions about your products and/or service, you can see what features they like or dislike as well as what they want to look at next. This information can aid your R&D process and help you come up with innovative ideas for product improvements.

eClincher’s Social Inbox Is Here For You

Do you have multiple teams managing each of your social channels? If not, you’re not alone, because not everyone can afford to have such resources. On the other hand, having a reinforced social presence online is a prerequisite for success.

eClincher’s Social Inbox helps you manage your multi-faced interactions by sharing engaging content.

  • Search. The Search feature permits you to filter anything in your social inbox. To find a conversation you had some time ago, type in the keywords- which is super helpful if you can’t remember where or with whom you had a conversation.
  • Thanks to the Filter feature, you can see what and when you want to look specifical channel and content you’re created. You can filter items by tags, notification type, and social account.
  • Tags are helpful for organizing your conversations so that you can find them easily later. For example, you can create tags like new leads, questions, complaints, testimonials, suggestions, follow-up, etc.
  • Customizable inbox. You can choose which notifications and accounts are shown to you- helping you to be more productive.

For many startups and small/medium businesses, hiring an agency to manage all this isn’t an economically viable option yet. Luckily, with easy-to-use platforms like eClincher, you can manage all your social conversations in one place and will be your trusted partner on your journey to expand your landscape with the happy customer - current and future.

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