How To Schedule A Tweet (Best Tweet Scheduler Tools for X)

April 9, 2024

Are you looking to boost your X (formerly Twitter) presence or schedule Twitter posts? This guide is for you. If you're managing multiple accounts, running a business with lots on your plate, or trying to stay visible online as an influencer, scheduling tweets is a game changer.

Scheduling tweets lets you plan your Twitter posts, helping you keep a steady stream of content for your Twitter account without the hassle of posting in real-time. We've explored numerous tools to help you schedule tweets and found eclincher to offer the best bang for your buck.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to schedule tweets using eclincher, introduce you to the top tweet scheduling tools, highlight the benefits of scheduling your tweets, and share extra tips for scheduling multiple tweets effectively.

How To Schedule A Tweet Using eclincher

Here is a list of instructions about how to schedule tweets using eclincher.

  1. First, you need to connect your Twitter account to eclincher - you can do so by clicking on "add & manage accounts."
  2. Once your account is connected, you can start writing and publishing multiple tweets.
  3. When you are happy with the tweet, click on the "schedule" button.
  4. A calendar opens, allowing you to select the date and time you want your tweet to be published.
  5. After selecting the date and time, you need to click "add to schedule" to confirm the scheduling.
  6. If you want to change your tweet, you can simply click on "edit post" even after you have scheduled the tweet.

Best Tweet Scheduling Tools

Best Tweet Scheduling Tools

Using X (Twitter) well means finding smart ways to keep sharing content and keeping your followers interested. By scheduling tweets, you can ensure your Twitter account remains active, even when you're busy with other tasks.

It allows for well-timed posts, ensuring your scheduled tweets hit the mark every time. Here are the tools designed to simplify the process of scheduling tweets and managing scheduled posts for multiple Twitter accounts.

1) eclincher

eclincher Homepage

eclincher is the best all-in-one social media management tool for scheduling, managing, and optimizing all your tweets. Scheduling Twitter posts is a breeze with eclincher's simple-to-use interface - you can queue up tweets and automatically publish them.

eclincher's robust analytics features help you understand the performance of your tweets and how to optimize them for higher engagement. eclincher also offers social media monitoring and listening, which can help you further enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Overall, eclincher is the best value for money, considering all the features you get with the tool. We recommend eclincher to anyone looking to simplify yet elevate their Twitter marketing strategy.

2) AgoraPulse


AgoraPulse is another excellent tool that lets you schedule tweets on Twitter. The tool allows you to schedule posts and publish tweets at optimal times when engagement is at its peak.

Like eclincher, AgoraPulse also has a unified social inbox, enabling you to manage all your social media interactions from the Twitter app in one place. AgoraPulse also has some analytics and social listening tools, enabling you to optimize your Twitter marketing strategy.

3) SocialPilot

SocialPilot Homepage

SocialPilot's main focus is to help you enhance your social media efficiency and schedule tweets. Therefore, the platform is designed to help you with everything from scheduling to managing your scheduled tweets. Team members can also use SocialPilot for better collaboration efforts.

SocialPilot has some pretty robust analytics features to give you helpful insights into your tweets' performance. Finally, SocialPilot's feature you can enjoy the most is its visual calendar, giving me a visual representation of all of your scheduled tweets and allowing you to easily manage all the posts.

4) Buffer


Buffer is a tweet scheduler well-known for its social media tools that are easy to use yet highly effective. Buffer enables you to schedule tweets natively through the platform, track their performance, and optimize them for better engagement using Buffer Analyze.

Our overall with Buffer was terrific and there are many reasons to use an auto post scheduler for social media. However, eclincher just offers better value for money, hence the switch.

5) SproutSocial


SproutSocial is another great Twitter scheduling tool. However, we would recommend this tool for larger businesses. You can also draft, schedule, and publish tweets. But the standout feature is probably its powerful CRM functionality. The CRM function enables businesses to build and manage customer relationships more effectively.

Finally, SproutSocial has a unified inbox that allows you to manage all your social media interactions in one location.

Benefits of Scheduling Tweets

tweet scheduling benefits

1) Consistency

When you schedule tweets, it ensures that your content is consistently posted. This allows you to maintain a consistent presence online and engage with your audience. Even the top 4 CEOs use Twitter to gain market share.

It also fosters a stronger relationship between you and your audience. For instance, maintaining a consistent posting schedule creates a sense of trust and reliability in the audience because my account is constantly engaging with quality content.

2) Publishing Frequency

When you schedule tweets, you can strategically reach a larger audience by posting at times outside of your time zone as well as posting when your followers are most active.

3) Saves Time

Our favorite benefit of a tweet scheduler is the fact that it saves you time. This is because you can plan and schedule tweets simultaneously instead of posting them manually throughout the week. You can use this extra time to relax or focus on crafting high-quality content for your next marketing campaign.

Bonus Tips For Scheduling Tweets

To get the most out of scheduling tweets, especially when you plan to schedule multiple tweets across social media platforms, it's crucial to know some insider tricks. These tips will enhance your strategy, ensuring your posts have the impact you're aiming for.

Tip #1: Always double-check your tweets in the preview section before scheduling them - it can prevent a lot of potential blunders that can damage your reputation.

Tip #2: Use eclincher's advanced analytics to determine what posting times yield the highest engagement results.

Tip #3: Plan for events and holidays relevant to your audience. Holiday posts generally resonate well with audiences.

Tip #4: Include visual content in your scheduled tweets to catch your audience's attention. GIFs, images, and videos typically get more engagement than word tweets.

Tip #5: Don't overwhelm your audience with tweets. Only schedule a set amount each day - a good number to go for is two to three tweets per day. Also, try to spread them out throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do tweet scheduling tools cost?

The cost of tweet scheduling tools varies, typically ranging from free basic options to premium services that can cost up to $250 per month. For those looking to schedule tweets and manage scheduled posts efficiently, investing in a quality tool that offers comprehensive features is key for maintaining an active presence on your Twitter accounts.

What is the best time to tweet?

The optimal time to schedule tweets usually falls in the afternoon hours (13:00, 14:00, and 17:00) on weekdays, tailored to when your audience is most active. Utilizing analytics provided by scheduling tools can help pinpoint the best times to schedule multiple tweets for maximum engagement.

How often should I tweet to gain followers?

When starting on Twitter, it's advisable to schedule tweets up to five times a day to grow your follower count. For those with established accounts, scheduling two to three tweets a day maintains engagement without overwhelming your audience.

Are tweet schedulers against Twitter's terms of service?

Some tweet schedulers are, but it is only if their code of conduct doesn't align with Twitter's terms of service. Most Tweet schedulers are safe, but it is always good to check the credibility and authenticity of the Tweet scheduling tool.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing a tweet scheduler like eclincher can revolutionize your approach to Twitter, offering a seamless way to schedule tweets, manage the scheduling of Twitter posts, and even enhance your strategy with Twitter ads. With eclincher, you're not just getting a tool to automate your posts; you're investing in a comprehensive solution that supports every aspect of your presence on the Twitter website.

This all-in-one social media management tool stands out for its ability to help you grow your followers authentically and keep your strategy aligned with your brand's voice. It's time to elevate your Twitter game.

Embrace the efficiency of eclincher, give it a try with the 14-day free trial, and experience firsthand how it can transform your Twitter marketing strategy into a more productive and engaging part of your digital outreach.

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