5 Best Instagram Planning Apps For Marketers!

May 10, 2023

It's obvious that an Instagram planning app's main function is to help you as a marketer plan and schedule your content. It may seem simple enough, but some apps are a better fit for the job than others - some even have analytical tools like social listening. After testing a considerable amount of planning apps, we compiled a list of the top 5 Instagram planning apps for marketers. We also discuss some benefits of using an Instagram feed planner as well as how you can get started with our top-rated planning app. Enjoy the read!

Best Instagram Planning App

The best Instagram planning apps are as follows.

  1. eclincher
  2. Planoly
  3. Later
  4. Plann
  5. Preview App

1) eclincher

Our number one pick is eclincher - this app is undoubtedly the most powerful Instagram planner. Apart from scheduling and automating your posts for all your business's social media accounts with ease, eclincher also offers a visual Instagram grid planner. This planner lets you effortlessly drag and drop images and captions to create the perfect grid layout.

Additionally, the app boasts extremely accurate and useful analytics. You can use these analytics on multiple Instagram accounts to discover business competitor updates, audience sentiment, and how you can improve overall engagement. This tool also provides helpful recommendations on how you can adjust your social media strategy based on the analytics results.

If that's not enough, eclincher also has amazing collaboration tools - allowing you to streamline workflow between the marketing department and other departments such as sales and customer care. Ohh...did I mention the plethora of app integrations it offers apart from Instagram?

Overall, it's been a long time since a social media planning app could get me this excited. If you want the best value for money Instagram planning app, which also boasts the most useful tools, then reaching out to eclincher to get started should be your top priority.

2) Planoly

Like eclincher, Planoly is a very user-friendly Instagram planning app that allows you to visually plan and schedule posts for your business's Instagram account.

As a marketer, you want a user-friendly app, which is why Planoly is so great. Planoly has a very intuitive interface that lets you upload and arrange images, videos, and carousel posts - creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Like eclincher, Planoly also has some pretty useful analytics tools. These tools help you measure performance and make informed, data-driven decisions on how to adjust your social media marketing strategy. It can be as simple as recommending you post more Instagram stories, but rest assured, Planoly will improve the marketing ROI for the Instagram business account.

Planoly also has some great Instagram app-specific tools, such as a hashtag and comment manager and saving all your captions - enabling you to manage your content efficiently.

3) Later

As a marketer, I want an app that is simple and easy to use but still offers a range of features to help me market my clients' businesses with a high level of effectiveness. Later resonates with simplicity, which is exactly why I like Later so much.

Using Later, you can schedule and manage content efficiently using the visual Instagram planner. Later's drag-and-drop feature allows you to arrange the feed for the perfect look.

Like eclincher, Later also provides you with some valuable insights into optimal posting times and audience engagement. The Later app also lets you add shoppable links of your clients to posts using the Linkin.bio feature.

Finally, Later supports cross-platform scheduling, which allows you to manage other social media accounts if your clients have/want a presence on other platforms as well.

4) Plann

When it comes to building a consistent presence on Instagram, planning is key. And the developers at Plann know that, which is why they built the app to offer a range of features specifically to help you as a marketer manage content.

Plann also has a visual planner that allows you to design, schedule and manage your social media posts to produce a cohesive Instagram grid. Additionally, Plann has a massive library of stock photos that you can use in Plann's image editor to create visually appealing and optimized marketing campaigns to drive engagement, depending on the arrangement between you and your client regarding the creation of marketing posts.

5) Preview App

Like eclincher, Preview App is also an extremely versatile app that caters specifically to help you grow your clients' Instagram accounts. The tool makes creating and scheduling posts hassle-free, thanks to the visual planner. Using the visual planner, you can also conduct feed preview, rearrange your grid and plan what captions and hashtags to include in the posts.

The app offers some basic analytics you can use to gain helpful insight into Instagram users interested in your client's niche. Moreover, the built-in editing tools and filters help you create visually captivating content.

Benefits Of An Instagram Planning App


1) Saves Time

An Instagram planner streamlines the entire marketing process, from creating to scheduling and publishing content. Therefore, when you plan posts in advance, you avoid last-minute scrambles and effectively reduce the time spent managing an account.

When you save time managing an account, it frees up your schedule for other important things, such as onboarding new clients or taking a much-needed break - trust me, we all need them!

2) Produces Consistent Publishing

Consistency is vital in the marketing world. A profile that maintains a consistent online presence resonates with reliability and credibility. When you use an Instagram planning app, you can establish and maintain a regular posting schedule, helping you build and retain an engaged audience.

3) Improves Organization

As a marketer, you know that it can become strenuous to manage multiple accounts - an Instagram planning app proves as a simple yet effective solution. This is because an Instagram planning app gives you a centralized platform for managing and organizing content, captions, hashtags, and scheduling.

Therefore, an Instagram planner helps you create a streamlined organization to ensure that the content aligns with your overall marketing strategy for that specific client.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts With eclincher

image of IG app with scheduling tool
  • After you have signed up for an eclincher account, you need to connect your client's or business's Instagram profile.
  • Then, you need to navigate to the "Publisher" tab and click on "Create New Post."
  • Now, you will need to upload your desired image or video, add a caption, and include relevant hashtags. You can also employ the help of Canva, which eclincher supports, to create more visually appealing posts.
  • Finally, choose the date and time for your post, then click "Schedule" to finalize your scheduled content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app to plan your Instagram feed?

eclincher is the best app to plan your Instagram feed. It has various tools and features to help you plan and manage all your Instagram posts and support Instagram stories. Plus, it has a range of analytics and collaboration tools you can use to boost overall social media ROI.

How do I organize my Instagram posts?

By employing the help of an Instagram planner app. These apps have tools and features specifically designed to help you organize Instagram posts.

How much time can an IG planner save me?

It depends on the number of accounts you manage, the frequency you post, and the complexity of your content strategy. However, an Instagram planner saves me at least 5 hours a week.

How much should I post on Instagram per week?

It depends on your content strategy, but as a general rule, at least one per day or seven posts a week.

The Bottom Line

As an Instagram marketer, an Instagram planner is an app that definitely made my work much easier and better. Using the scheduling and organization tools, you can save a considerable amount of time. Additionally, the analytics tools help you create better, more effective marketing campaigns.

However, it is important to choose the right Instagram planning app to ensure you get the best value for money and that it upholds or improves the level of quality of the Instagram account. This is why I choose eclincher as my preferred overall social media management app. If you would like to know how eclincher can help you improve your marketing strategies and make your life as a marketer more organized, then feel free to reach out to us or try the app with the 14-day free trial. Trust me; it's the only social media management app you will want to use!

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