Instagram Company Success Stories

February 28, 2024

We have previously talked about optimizing your Instagram Business profile, and what content converts to sales, now let’s look at how five major brands ran their successfulInstagram Business campaigns. Focusing on the key factors attributing to their success.


Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies.Many sellers also sell craft supplies such as beads, art pieces, and jewelry. Over 60 million members and 40 million active buyers, makes Etsy is a leader in the e-commerce world.In their Instagram campaigns, Etsy leverages celebrities Amy Pohler and Nick Offerman the hosts of the craft making competition seriesMaking It  (and the cult hit show Parks and Rec) to star in Instagram Stories and answer viewers questions like 'What trend are you really into right now?' or 'What's your favorite Etsy purchase.'

instagram business amy poehler

Takeaways - If your brand has intimate access to celebrities find a way to leverage them.

Comedy Central

With almost 5,000 posts and a million followers, the cable tv channel Comedy Central is an Instagram comedic delight. Their Instagram formula to success lies in videos.Comedy Central Instagram posts are primarily short video clips take from their TV lineup, interspersed with a few images featuring popular movie quotes.

comedy central instagram

Takeaways - Your brand's Instagram channel doesn't have to be all photos and beautiful images. If you have videos that speak to your brand audience feel free to throw those in as well.

Orange Theory

Orange Theory a fitness company that provides personalized workout regiments for its members, giving them the Orange Effect (e.g. More energy, visible toning, and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours post-workout) is currently one of the top growing franchises in the world. Their Instagramfeatures member testimonials and urges Orange Theory members to post stories in their personal Instagram channels under the#orangetheoryresults hashtag, to show theirtremendous workout gains.

orange theory instagram business
orange theory instagram business

Takeaways - Use your existing customer base to promote your product or service.


ASOS a popular UK clothing and cosmetics online retailer with 7.6 million followers on Instagram leverages Instagram Influencers to promote their brand.ASOS creates sponsored ASOS accounts for influencers (e.g. @asos_lex) in order for them to promote ASOS apparel, and overall brand values.

asos instagram business

Takeaways - Leverage popular Instagram influencers and their followers to promote your brand.

National Geographic

The popular magazine and online portal National Geographicfills their Instagram Business profile with powerful imagery with long captions to tell important global stories. Topics include everything from HIV/AIDS prevention in Sudan to personal narratives of a Beijing student's first work experience.

National Geographic Instagram Business
National Geographic Instagram Business

Takeaways - If your brand has a powerful story to tell that will resonate with your audience, use beautiful imagery or videos with detailed captions to tell it.

Forever 21

Instagram only allows one link for your Instagram Businessprofile, hence the importance of switching that link to match where you want your customer going. The popular women's fashion brand Forever 21 circumnavigates this by including an SKU for their apparel in their Instagram posts. The clothing item popping up when that SKU is entered into the main site's search bar.

forever 21 instagram business
Instagram Business

Takeaways - Use your Instagram Business post's description to find a creative way for people to search for your product or service. e.g. Text prompts, SKU, part number.We hope these example of businesses using Instagram successfully, gave your business few ideas on optimizing their Instagram campaigns.A social media tool like eClincher helps your business optimize their Instagram strategy by enabling post scheduling, giving you access to beautiful stock photos and imagery, and in-depth analytics.Scale Up, Save Time, and manage all your Social Media campaigns in one dashboard.

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