How To Repost A Story On Instagram: An Easy Step By Step Guide

February 21, 2024

Are you curious how to share someone's Instagram story with your audience? You've come to the perfect spot to find out.

There are numerous moments, like when a buddy shares a fun group picture, a follower wishes you a happy birthday, and you might want to repost someone else's story.

Remember that you need to be tagged in that story to be able to repost it. This blog will explore whether you should repost others' Instagram stories, alternative reposting methods, and the advantages of sharing Instagram stories.

We'll also go through tips on choosing the right content to repost and strategies to boost engagement with your reposted stories. So stick around to uncover everything you need to know about how to repost a story on Instagram.

Can You Repost Others' Instagram Story?

When you see an impressive piece of content on a friend or influencer's Instagram story, you might be tempted to share it on your own. Sharing another person's Instagram story is completely acceptable, but being mindful of a few things is crucial.

Only some people are comfortable with their posts being shared on someone else's story or by a business, especially if they're not given proper credit.

When you share someone else's Instagram story, the Instagram app ensures that your story is linked to the original post, providing them the recognition they deserve.

Make sure not to hide this link, as giving credit is important. By connecting your account to theirs, you might even attract some of their followers to your account.

So, when it comes to reposting stories, it's beneficial for both parties as long as you give due credit to the original user-generated content.

How To Repost A Story On Instagram

Instagram has made sharing stories in which you've been tagged extremely straightforward. As soon as someone mentions you in their story, you'll receive a direct message that includes the story.

To share it on your own account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the "Message icon" at your screen's top right corner.
  2. Find and select the chat with the user who tagged you in their story, and then tap on the story they sent you.
Open the chat

  1. Choose the option "Add This to Your Story."
  2. Feel free to make any edits, such as adding text or altering the background color.
Edit the story

  1. Decide whether you want all your followers or close friends to see the story you're sharing.
Tap Share

Following these steps, you can effortlessly repost stories, making your Instagram posts more engaging and personalized.

Only Tagged Users Can Repost A Story

Only Tagged Users Can Repost A Story

Only individuals tagged in an Instagram story can share it on their own profile. If you cannot repost a story, it might be because you weren't tagged or don't have the required permissions.

Some Instagram users prefer to keep their stories private and may turn off the sharing option in their settings, preventing even those tagged in the post from sharing.

By doing this, they ensure that their content stays only on their profile and does not become a part of someone else's new Instagram post or story, regardless of who is tagged.

How To Share Instagram Story In Which You Are Not Tagged?

You can not directly share a story in which you have not been tagged on Instagram, but there are some workarounds you can do to repost such a story. Here are some of those:

Take A Screenshot Or Screen Recording

Taking a screenshot or screen recording is an easy workaround when you can't repost a story directly. Save the screenshot or video to your photos and reupload it as a new Instagram story.

While Instagram doesn't alert someone when you watch Instagram stories anonymously or capture them, it's still a respectful practice to inform the original poster and ask for their consent before sharing. Always ensure you credit the creator in your story.

Share The Story In Direct Messages

Use the DM feature to share stories with select friends or group chats. Look for the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the story and tap on it.

Now choose who you want to send it to. Remember, if the original story is from a private account, only their followers can view it.

Send A Link

For sharing outside of Instagram, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the story to copy a link, which you can then share via email, on other social platforms, or wherever you prefer.

However, the story won't be viewable to people who don't follow the private account it originated from.

Tip: When using screen recording to capture someone else's Instagram story, you can resize the video to remove Instagram's UI elements for a cleaner look in your reposted story.

Other Method To Repost An Instagram Story

Other Method To Repost An Instagram Story


Another way to repost an Instagram story is by using special apps. These third-party apps give you more options and ways to make your repost unique. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

  1. First, download a reliable third-party app from your device's app store. Some well-known ones are Repost, Story Reposter, and Regram (for iPhone users)
  2. After downloading, open the app and follow the instructions on the screen to give the necessary permissions. This could include allowing access to your photo library or linking to your Instagram account.
  3. Next, use the app to search Instagram and find the story you want to reshare as part of your social media strategy or as a feed post.
  4. Once you've found the story, use the app's guidelines to repost it. This usually involves pressing a "Repost" button or choosing a repost option.

Following these steps, you can easily reshare stories, add them to your Instagram feed, and enhance your social media strategy.

How To Repost A Feed Post On Your Instagram Story?

How To Repost A Feed Post On Your Instagram Story


Reposting a regular feed post or Reel to your Instagram story is also possible, and it's a fantastic way to share content from other creators with your audience.

This can help keep your followers engaged and show them content they might find interesting or enjoyable.

  1. Go to the Instagram post you want to share on your "Story."
  2. Tap the small arrow ('share' button) at the bottom right of the post and tap on it.
  3. A list of options will pop up. Choose the one that lets you add the post directly to your story.
  4. Adjust the post's size, add text, or edit it however you prefer.
  5. The original poster's username will show up automatically, giving them the credit.
  6. Check if everything is okay, then share it on your "Story."

Note: This method won't work if the account is private or they've turned off their sharing settings. To share content from such accounts, getting their permission first is best.

Benefits Of Reposting An Instagram Story

Benefits Of Reposting An Instagram Story

If you are curious about why reposting Instagram Stories is beneficial, then here are key advantages to consider:

  • Amplify Collaborations: Reposting someone else's Instagram Story can help strengthen collaborations and partnerships. When you share a post from a collaborator, you're giving them exposure and showcasing the relationship. This can be a great way to engage in mutual promotion and reach a broader audience.
  • Curation of User-Generated Content: Reposting user-generated content from your followers or customers can be a powerful tool for your brand. It showcases real people using your products or services, providing authentic testimonials. This can help build trust and authority in your brand.
  • Foster Community Engagement: By reposting Stories from your followers or fans, you're acknowledging and appreciating their support. This encourages them to keep on engaging with your brand and can lead to a sense of community and loyalty.
  • Diversify Your Content: Reposting others' Stories can add variety to your own content strategy. It allows you to share different perspectives, experiences, and styles, which can be refreshing for your audience.
  • Promote User Interactions: Encourage more users to create content related to your brand by reposting their Stories. This can create a snowball effect as more people want to get featured on your profile, increasing your brand's visibility.

How To Decide What You Should Repost On Instagram?

How To Decide What You Should Repost On Instagram

Having a clear plan is key when deciding what to repost on Instagram and understanding how it fits into your broader Instagram approach. Before you go ahead and share a post, there are several aspects you need to consider.


Composition involves how different parts or elements of a picture are placed or arranged. A successful composition means the image looks appealing and grabs more attention.

You can begin with the rule of thirds on an excellent arrangement: picture your image divided into nine equal parts by two vertical and two horizontal lines.

Try to position the main part of your image along these lines or at the points where they intersect.

Color Palette

Many brands stick to a specific set of colors or a particular look on Instagram. If you lost too far from your established style, your reposted material might seem out of place.

Take Everlane as an example; they generally use a soft, neutral color scheme with occasional bright color splashes.

If they were to repost an image with a loud and vibrant color palette, it might not seem consistent with their established brand image.


Content is a crucial aspect of your reposting strategy. Before you decide to share a picture, consider if it fits with your brand's identity. For example, concentrate on three major topics:

  • Social media tactics
  • Advice for small businesses
  • Insights on remote work

How To Maximize Engagement On Your Story Reposts?

How To Maximize Engagement On Your Story Reposts

Reposting a great story is just the first step. You must add your own touch to grab attention and encourage interaction. Below are tips to help you boost engagement on your shared stories:

Targeted Hashtags

Put targeted hashtags in your text on Instagram or use the "hashtag" stickers. This helps pull in folks interested in your topic or audience.


Instagram polls and questions are perfect for sparking conversations about your stories. Use them to get people talking and engaged.


Instagram's got a range of fonts now. Use them to give more info or context to your story.


These moving images can bring some fun and express how you feel. Plus, you can add cool text or subtitles with tools like Motionbox's Gif Editor.

To enhance your GIFs, consider incorporating unique elements such as multiple Instagram photos, shapes, backgrounds, or videos.

For an auditory touch, add music to Instagram stories, which can amplify the impact of your visuals and make your content even more engaging.

Give The Story Creator Credit

If you're sharing someone else's photo or art, tag them. Let your followers know it's their work, not yours. This is key, especially for photographers or artists.

They'll likely be happy you're showing off their stuff. By taking a few extra minutes to jazz up your story reposts, you'll put your own classics in it and keep your community coming back for more.


Mastering how to repost a story on Instagram can significantly enrich your profile and engage your audience. When you find a story you love, giving it a second life on your own feed is a breeze.

With a few taps, you can select that story, add it to your own, and use creative elements like text and stickers to make it uniquely yours.

Remember to tag the creator, giving them credit and developing a sense of community. This gesture not only respects the original content maker but can also encourage a mutual sharing spirit.

By incorporating these tips into your Instagram routine, you'll find that reposting stories isn't just about sharing someone else's picture or video; it's a chance to add your perspective and engage in a broader conversation with your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Repost Someone's Story On Instagram?

  1. Open Instagram and tap the message icon at the top right.
  2. Find the chat where someone tagged you in a story and open it.
  3. Tap on the story, then click "Add This to Your Story."

Why Can't I Repost a Story on Instagram?

If you're having trouble reposting someone's Instagram story, it's usually because they didn't tag your username in their story or they have chosen a setting that doesn't allow you to share. Once you're tagged, Instagram will allow you to add that story to your own story feed.

Why Can't People Repost My Instagram Stories?

You might need to adjust your privacy settings if your followers cannot repost your Instagram stories. To do this, open your Instagram profile, go to the settings menu, and look for the privacy options. Ensure "Allow Sharing" is on so friends can share your stories.

How Long Does An Instagram Story Repost Last?

When you repost someone's story on Instagram, or when someone reposts yours, that reposted content stays visible on your profile for the same duration as a regular story —24 hours. To keep it longer, save it as a "Highlight."

Does The Person Get Notified If You Share Their Instagram Story?

When you share someone's Instagram story and tag them, they'll be alerted with a direct message. If you don't tag them, they won't know unless they check your profile.

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