e-clincher Review - "e-clincher is My Secret Weapon"

February 28, 2024
eClincher is my secret weapon review

It’s Sunday morning at 8 am and I’ve fired up my computer to do some first morning tasks for my clients’ courtesy of e-clincher. This tool is my secret weapon which allows me to successfully manage 50 including my own private and business profiles as well. Here’s how I accomplish this:

1. Check my social inbox which is an area on the the platform that allows me to respond to every like, comment and message that have appeared on my clients’ social media accounts. Handy to have all in one place like this.

2. Check my queue for my Twitter accounts. I add content to every Twitter account in the morning to make sure there is a steady stream of tweets. Twitter is fast and so you have to post more often here than any other platform. eClincher makes that easy by allowing you to either automate it or hand pick the content and distribute it via a queue. I choose to hand pick and structure the tweets with hashtags and tagging.

3. Schedule my Instagram posts for the week ahead. When they are due to post I get a notification on my phone and then I push the content through to the appropriate accounts.

4. Check my favorite Hashtag and keyword feeds for any mention I need to know about or breaking news I can post.

5. Schedule the content in my RSS feeds to post via the various platforms.

6. Schedule content for my clients’ LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Google accounts.

7. Take a very quick view of my analytics via eClincher to see if I’m growing the following on my clients’ Facebook pages and if I may need to change my content around from links to visuals or whatever the case may be. Feedback is important and with eClincher you never fly blindly.

There’s a lot that you can do with eClincher. I find it is a tool that would be hard to live without when I have to manage as much as I do. If you are hesitant about automating content - know that it can be done through eClincher. So, if you manage multiple accounts or even simply your own platforms then eClincher is a great tool to use.

Sarah Cole – Social Media and Cole Connect Marketing

Certified Digital Marketer Growing real estate professionals’ businesses online since 2010


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