What Is Curated Content? (Definition, Tools, and More)

February 21, 2024

In the digital realm, content curation is the art of skimming through the ocean of information to identify, organize and present relevant content to your audience. When you add content, perspective, and your personal touch, you can elevate the original content and position yourself as the go-to resource on a particular topic. But how can you curate content effectively in the vast and ever-changing digital world? Well, by leveraging curation tools like eclincher and Talkwalker. Let's unravel the intricacies of curating content and the tools that simplify the process.

What Is Curated Content?

Curated content refers to content that was not originally created (content creation) by the person or business sharing it. Instead, the content is gathered, selected, and sorted from various sources and then shared on the desired social media channels or email newsletters.

The process involves identifying, organizing, commenting, and presentation of the most relevant content to meet the needs of a specific target audience. Curators are the apps or people that implement content curation.

Best Curated Content Tools

There are various content-curation apps out there. However, after testing numerous apps, we compiled the top 3 content curation tools:

1) eclincher

eclincher is a dynamic tool that broadens your horizon to explore the world of content. The highly accurate content curation feature lets you discover fresh content based on desired keywords, hashtags, or even specific locations. You can easily establish search feeds on various topics, ensuring constant content discovery.

If you want an app that overachieves, then eclincher is definitely the app for you. With its social media management tool, you can simplify scheduling and publishing on a plethora of social media platforms - allowing you to simplify your content marketing strategy.

To top it all, eclincher's robust analytics, monitoring, and listening features allow you to measure your content's effectiveness based on a wide set of parameters and adjust your social media marketing campaign for higher engagement. Overall, eclincher is a great content curation tool and an even better social media management tool.

2) Talkwalker

Talkwalker is an expert at curating content. By employing robust social media monitoring tools, you can follow discussions and trends on different platforms, offering you a wealth of data on ideas for curated content. This allows you to adjust your content curation strategy for better results.

Furthermore, Talkwalker has sophisticated analytics to help you decode and curate content based on what content resonates better with your audience. Talkwalker also employs the help of AI to sort and interpret the data it gathers, providing image recognition and sentiment analysis. This enables you to curate content based on the level of engagement or sentiment for a blog post or social media post.

Talkwalker's alert system also keeps you on your toes, so you never miss a beat on any trending topics or discussions. Overall, Talkwalker is a great tool, but I would still go with the more versatile eclincher.

3) Hootsuite

Finally, we have Hootsuite, which opens up a treasure trove of relevant topics, trends, and even locations. Like eclincher, Hootsuite also curates content from RSS feeds, which is a really nice feature.

Furthermore, the social media management tools let you manage, schedule, and post curated content from both desktop and mobile devices on all your social media accounts. Like its eclincher counterpart, Hootsuite also provides analytics, enabling you to measure the impact of your content strategy.

Overall, Hootsuite is a great social media management tool that streamlines the content curation process, providing high-quality content for your marketing efforts.

How To Post Curated Content Using eclincher

  1. Content Discovery: First, you need to find relevant content by using eclincher's content curation feature or the Feedly integration. This lets you discover new content by setting up search feeds based on keywords, locations, or hashtags.
  2. Choosing The Content: Next, a stream of potential content will pop up - choose the content that best resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand.
  3. Curation: Now, you want to add your insights, perspectives, and comments to the selected content. Use this time to add value to the original piece and create captivating and engaging content. Remember to ensure your social media posts' comments align with your brand voice and add value to the conversation or feed.
  4. Credit Original Source: This is a very important step; always remember to credit the original source. Doing so ensures that you remain ethical.
  5. Schedule Posts: Use eclincher's scheduling feature to schedule posts for when your audience is the most active. Congratulations - you made a successful content curation!

Bonus Tip: You can use eclincher's robust analytical tools to monitor the performance of your post. This gives you helpful insights into what type of content yields higher engagement and resonates better with your audience.

What Are The Advantages Of Curated Content?

What is content curation social media

Curating content has a lot of benefits, but the advantages listed below I appreciate the most:

1) Saves Time

By curating content, you can save a lot of time and money since you don't need additional creators or writers to help create content. You can maintain a consistent online presence without the need to constantly create original content.

2) Improve Strategic Planning

By consistently curating content, you can stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights in your industry. This can help your strategic planning and decision-making processes, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and proactively manage industry changes.

3) Provide More Content To Your Audience

When you curate content, you are able to share more content with your audience. You can also share a greater variety of content, allowing you to offer a mix of perspectives that satisfy your audience's diverse information and preference needs.

4) Helps Networking

This advantage I really came to appreciate as it opened a lot of doors for me. Content curation can be an amazing networking tool. When you share other people's content, you build relationships with thought leaders, influencers, and other important figures in your brand's industry. This can develop into partnerships, collaborations, and reciprocal sharing of content.

Ultimately, this benefits your brand's reach and visibility. Just remember to give proper recognition to the original authors and creators when using curated content.

What Type Of Businesses Use Curated Content?

Here is a list of the business that can incorporate curated content in their marketing strategy:

  • Small businesses
  • Marketing agencies (Digital)
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Social media managers
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Startups
  • B2B Businesses
  • Media and Publishing Businesses

Tips For Posting Curated Content

Here are some practical tips you can employ when posting curated content:

  • Understand Your Audience: Curate content that is relevant to your audience's interests, needs, and behaviors.
  • Add Value: Add insights and perspectives to the content you share. Remember, your audience follows you because they value your insights and expertise. When you add your thoughts or extra context, what you are really doing is enhancing the curated content to make it more meaningful for your audience.
  • Use Reliable Sources: Nothing can be as reputation-damaging as sharing inaccurate or misleading content. Always double-check the source and only use high-quality content curators, such as eclincher or Talkwalker.
  • Consistency: Try and maintain a consistent posting schedule to ensure your audience is always engaged. Social media schedulers like eclincher and Hootsuite can help you with this.
  • Balance With Original Content: When you strike a balance between original and curated content, it ensures that your brand's unique voice and message are not lost.
  • Monitor Performance: Use analytics from social media management tools to track the performance of your curated content. Doing so can help you gain insights into what type of content resonates most with your audience, allowing you to adjust your future content curation strategy.

Any Downsides To Curated Content?


While they are few, there are some downsides to using curated content instead of original content.

  • Algorithmic Penalties: Sometimes, excessive sharing of curated content, especially on your own blog or website, might lead to search engine penalties from Google - damaging your SEO. This is usually the case if a search engine perceives the content as duplicate.
  • Audience Engagement: Curated content might not work for every business, especially when your followers expect to hear directly from you. The platform you post on is also important, as some platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn work better for curated content as opposed to the photo-based social media platform Instagram.
  • Quality: If you do not curate content properly, you run the risk of sharing inaccurate or low-quality information, especially if the source isn't reliable. This can severely damage your reputation and credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes eclincher the best-curated content tool?

eclincher is the best-curated content tool because it combines a vast suite of features into a single platform. The tool is also the best value for money, considering the price you pay and the features you get out of it.

What is an example of curated content?

BuzzFeed is an example of using curated content. It curates content from various sources, providing very entertaining and informative content to its audience. Another example of curated content can be something as simple as sharing someone else's social media post.

What type of content can be curated?

Here are some of the types of content that can be curated:

- Blog posts
- News articles
- Social media posts
- Videos
- Infographics
- Podcasts
- Webinars, online courses, and workshops
- User-generated content
- Research and reports
- Ebooks and whitepapers

The Bottom Line

Content curation is a vital tool in the digital world. It is especially helpful in saving time, providing more content, improving strategic planning, and enhancing network opportunities. However, it is crucial that you use an app that provides quality and reliable content. Otherwise, it can damage your credibility.

eclincher is the best content curation tool because it consistently provides reliable, curated content. Plus, it has a multitude of other features to make your overall social media and online marketing effortless. Why not try the 14-day free trial - you won't regret it!

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