5 Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Blog (Today)

February 21, 2024
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5 Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Blog

Do you ever find yourself in front of the computer salivating at the site of all the successful blogs out there? Hoping that your own blog will grow and make you money? Did you ever wonder how they got 6 figure incomes and tens of thousands of subscribers? I know I did.For years I would read blogs of entrepreneurs and marketing gurus and content writers and it wouldn't get me anywhere. Only I started my own blog and started writing I was able to grow my business and add value to the company I was working for.Today's post is dedicated to all of those that are struggling to start their own blogs. This post is going tohelp you find the right content for your audience, come up with the best titles, and set some ground rules for best SEO practices.

Step 1 - How to Find the Perfect Content

If you can't beat them what do you do? You become them. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Use all of those famous online marketers that you've read about for years to find your perfect content. Pick a few of the top blogs out there and scan their posts for today's hottest subjects. Read two or three articles on that subject and then write your own adding your own angle to it.Everyone has their own point of view and it's important to not try to invent the newest topic or the newest idea use what is already out thereto provide the most value for your readers. That's how you ensure that your blog is both on point and up-to-date, offering the latest hottest topics for your audience.

Top 3 Blogs on Marketing:

AgoraPulse- Best place to go to learn about the hottest trends in marketing. They have a lot of short summaries on a variety of topics that will get you up to date.Hubspot's Blog - Incredibly detailed blog that is focused on inbound marketing. They also have a separate blog just about sales, so if you are a marketer or a business owner that wants to improve your sales that's the place to go.Social Media ExaminerThe most practical hands-on blog out there. If you need to program a new Facebook tab or set up a Facebook ad it will walk you through every step of the process.Once you find the perfect content and know what you want to write about the next step is coming up with the title.

Step 2 - How to Craft the Best Title

If you were like me you're probably going to try to come up with your own title and hope it works. I had to learn that there are rules to what make a viral title and they're very simple to follow. Once I started following these rules my content writing improve dramatically. Here are a few of themWhen I started using these rules I was also able to narrow down my topic and they help me to get straight to the point of what I was trying to say. 

Use numbers in your title - "5 Easy Steps to ..."Use emotional language - " ___ that will Skyrocket your sales"Put your keyword in your title.

Step 3 - Use Quality Images

If you're serious about blogging you might want to think about using an image library. There's a few of them out there and the advantages that if you pay a little bit per image you will get a much better quality and readership on your blog.Here are a few of my favorite ones:Shutterstock - the most comprehensive image library in my opinion, but on the pricier side.Pixabay - equally as good as Shutterstock, but lower in price.Unsplash - an incredible source of artistic photos, all absolutely free.For more image libraries that are free check out this Entrepreneur article. 

Step 4 - Talk About Your Journey  and Your Process

One of the biggest fallacies of online businesses is that they always wantto give advice and to talk about theiropinion. What often ends up happening is that people build an idea about themselves to try to gain influence. Unless you have actual experience in the field that you are discussing it's better not to discuss your opinion and to paint the future of your endeavor for the customer and for your audience.Whatwill bring more value to your readers is when you discuss the process that you used to get where you are today. Your audience wants to be part of your process, to feel connected and to grow with you. They also want to celebrate your success.Your readers might be on different points of their journey and each one will find your post applicable to them depending where they are. So it's super effective to tell them point by point how you got there, what your tools you're using what or what strategies are workingfor your business.Remember that the overall goal for any content you publish on your blog is to bring value to your audience. When someone receives something for free from you they will be more likely to purchase your product in the future or to engage with you on social media.According to Gary Vaynerchuk The most important thing in business is storytelling, describing what you're doing in the story instead of constantly trying to sell.

3 Strategies to Storytell and Bring Value to Your Readers:

1. Describe a technical challenge or issue that you solved this week.2. Describe a new tool that you've started using and how ithelped your business.3. Describe a micro goal or milestone that you've reached and how you got there.

Step 5 - automatically post every blog post to your social media

This is my favorite step and perhaps the most effective one of them all. When you written something I usually would take you an hour or more per week depending on how much you right to post it on your various social media channels, right?That's why we recommend that you use a social media management platform that automates all of your posting, and saves you time.A unique feature to eClincher is the Auto Post with RSS feature. It automatically scans your blog for new posts and publishes them to all the social media channels that you specify. This feature literally saved me hours of my time each week.If you have any questions or want to us to cover a topic you can comment bellow!

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