5 Easy Steps To Automate Your Social Media - How To Save 15 Hours Per Week

March 4, 2024
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Successful brands out there publish content several times a day on all of their various social media channels. How do they do that? Do they have an army of social media robots? And how come all their stuff looks so good and is always so relevant ? Do they have a team of writers in a dungeon filled with free coffee vending machines?

None of the above, they use automation!

We're going to show you how to completely automate your social media and save 15 hours per week (minimum) in 5 easy steps. You should also check out monitoring social media tools to track your work!

Step 1 - Automate Your Post Publishing (save 5 hours / week)

The first challenge that everyone is facing is increasing the frequency of their posts right? Increasing the frequency of your social media publishing is easier than most people think.

eClincher has a feature that is just built for this purpose. It's called autopost with queues. When you create a queue, which is a list of posts grouped together, you can either bulk upload a large number of posts or add them as you go.

Our queues are different than just a posting calendar because they allow you to recycle your content by re-running your popular posts as many times as you like. You can grab a post that was super successful last year and re-post every month if you like to.

But how do you create content? How do you get more things that you can post and share with your audience?

Best publishing tool for social media

Step 2 - automate content creation (saves 3 hours / week)

A common social media myth is that all of your content has to be original.Not every single post or piece of content has to be original and written by you. The most successful brands are finding out that sharing other peoples content brings more value to their audience. Readers love it because instead of following their 5 to 10 favorite brands they can find all of their loved content on your page.

Use eClincher's content curation feeds and RSS feeds to not only grab your own content of your blog but also to share and add to your queue the content of the influencers and big players in your industry.

These features literally saved me hours of my time every week manually looking up new relevant content and sharing it on my social media.

But how do you find the perfect audience, and that audience's favorite brands and influencers to share on your social media?

Step 3 - Automate Finding the Perfect Audience (saves 3 hours)

One of the main challenges is zeroing in on the right customer, on the right target audience to distribute content to. In today's world the whole are of "market research" is slowly being replaced by twitter searches, keywords searches, LinkedIn, and other social media tools that truly help you find your audience automatically.

With eClincher's keyword search you can literally search for anyone in New York that tweeted about pizza last week, and if you're a pizzeria you can offer them your product or latest campaign that you are running.

Step 4 - automate engagement with your audience (saves 2 hours)


The more processes you automate with your social media, such as publishing and content curation, the more engagement you will have. And that's really the goal of social media - to successfully engage with your audience.

But what do you do that if you have double or triple the fraction? How do you reply to every tweet, share, like and comment? Seems impossible right?

Fortunately, there are several features out there that can help you engage with your audience better.

The first thing on your to do list should be automatic welcome tweets and direct messages sent to every follower on Twitter. Also, you should set up an auto responder on Facebook to every message that is sent to your page from a customer, kindly thanking them and reassuring them that you will be in contact as soon as possible.

Automatic messages not only allow you to touch every customer, but also to build trust and credibility with your audience by showing them that you take their comments and questions seriously.

Another super helpful tool is eClincher's unified social inbox. It is a feature that allows you to reply to every user engagement (tweet, message, comment, review, new follower, etc.) from one place on our portal, instead of having to log in to every social media channel separately.

You can now literally respond to every customer within seconds of them reaching out.

Step 5 - Automatically assign customer cases to your team (saves 2 hours)

More and more of a customers have been telling us that 80% of their support questions from the customers come from various social media channels rather than their website. It is also recommended that you read up on what is a third party cookie to protect yourself online! It's true! Think about it - the more personable your brand is the more comfortable people are going to feel reaching out to you via social media.In order to provide a seamless integration of your customer service team with your social media we have created several features that help your team work with your customers via social media.

First is our team feature that allows you to add team members to your eClincher account to have them publish and curate your content. Another feature that is coming out soon is the ability to delegate customer cases to your team. That feature alone will save you another 5 hours per week on dealing with customer issues.

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Final Thoughts

Automatic posting on social media is a growing phenomenon. Not only can it save time while still getting your message out, but when done right it can help boost your reach and engagement with the right audience.

If you're looking to increase your social presence while also freeing up valuable time, consider trying out some of the tools that we have explored in this article. They could be just the thing to raise awareness and get conversations buzzing around your brand. So don’t be afraid of automation—in fact, it could be the key to giving yourself a social media advantage.

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